Spanish olive trees

Eva in Madrid

The olive tree is an ancient and mysterious plant whose origin is shrouded with many uncertainties. According to legend, Zeus found himself one day in need of a god to rule over the region of Attica. He, therefore, devised a contest and decided that he would entrust Attica to the god who would give the most valuable gift to mankind. Two deities competed: Poseidon and Athena. Poseidon struck a stone with his trident and a horse emerged. The horse was strong, powerful and could traverse large distances and serve in battles. Then Athena struck her spear into the ground and it turned into DSC_0327an olive tree.

Whether or not Greece was the original cradle of the olive tree is not certain, but it is clear olives trees have thrived in the region for many centuries. Some of the oldest fossils of olive tree leaves dating from 37,000 years B.C. haveā€¦

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