Perfect Oven Chips

Mustard With Mutton

Perfect Oven ChipsThe search is finally over. You can now safely throw away your deep fat fryers, oil thermometers and vats of vegetable oil because you won’t be needing them any longer! Behold the glory of the perfect chip AND it’s made in the oven! Now lets face it who doesn’t like hot chips – crispy exterior, fluffy potato interior, glisteningly crunchy and made all the better with a little smattering of sea salt. But until now the only way to get to this potato nirvana was by the tiresome, messy and sometimes dangerous method of deep-frying – and according to the likes of Mr Blumenthal, up to 3 times! Sure there have been some good, even great, oven chips like these but this oven chip surpasses them all. The thing that makes these chips stand out is the way they are pre-cooked before being roasted in the oven. I’ve tried a…

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